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Our Brand

One of the most frustrating aspects for existing brokers is the lack of a brand to attach yourself with. The NAABB power brand has become the #1 recognized brand in the land.

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Our Marketing

Another frustrating aspect for existing brokers is finding a steady stream of seller and buyer leads. Our BrokerCast and buyer marketing systems alleviate that without cold calling.

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Our Services

Our brokers have TWELVE (12) different services to offer business owners, sellers and buyers. There is NO such thing as one size fits all with our brokers as we have a servioce for everyone

About Us

Our business broker career opportunity provides a complete turnkey business brokerage complete with top notch training, support, exclusive territories and marketing systems. In 2016 alone we have trained and launched anywhere between 2-4 new business brokers every month. And company owner Scott Radin trains all new brokers 1-on-1 in their hometown. Our client representation philosophy provides a fresh approach to business brokering in all new territories launched. It's fun, lucrative and economy proof..

MISSION: Placing ethical and moral brokers in every territory.

VISION: To evolve our services to the ever changing marketplace.

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Meet Our Team

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Anna Radin

IT / Bookkeeping

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Scott Radin

Founder & Owner

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Joseph Sexton

Sales & Marketing Director

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Megan Sarles

Intern & Social Networking

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